How to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

How to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

Are you the type of parent who sets strict internet usage rules for your children? Thumbs up if you answered yes. Doing so, as well as taking other precautions, such as installing advert/popup blockers, is a reliable way to protect your little ones from child predators, identity thieves, cyberbullies, and inappropriate content. But in an era where social media sexting and oversharing is the order of the day, you need to go the extra mile, as even such precautions are hardly enough. Here is what you should do.

TuneUp the Search Engine

While a tech-savvy kid could quickly restore the settings, tuning up the search engine offers an extra layer of safety to your kids. Setting restrictions gives Google or any other search engine permission to block websites with inappropriate content, denying your kids access to it.

Set Time and Usage Limits

You can protect your kids from inappropriate online content by setting a time limit on internet usage. If your children are using the internet for their homework, it would perhaps be sensible to exclude that from the set time limits. However, you may need to monitor them carefully to ensure they are actually using the internet for homework.

Leverage Your Browser’s Parental Control Settings

The most popular browsers include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. These browsers give you the option to set up content filters and security safeguards for such aspects as violence, sex, nudity, and language. Alternatively, you could ignore the filter fiddling option and go for clean browsers, which are tailor-made for kids.

Check Their Browsing History

Your kids’ viewing history reveals the type of content they read and watch online. Make a habit of accessing their smartphones, iPads, and computers to check this. If your kids are browsing in private windows or are erasing their browsing history, seek to know why, as this could be a red flag.

Four Essential Tips to Ensure Safe Internet Use for Kids
While it’s the best invention, the internet is not 100% good. This article catches up with some of the most effective tips to keep your kids safe online.