Living in an Instagram World

Just like other social media platforms, Instagram has its fair share of positives and negatives. Whereas some use it as a tool for self-expression, emotional support, community building, and self-identity, they unknowingly impact negatively on the younger generation, particularly girls. The lavish lifestyle displayed by a section of Instagrammers create a fear of missing out, which is a form of bullying, and may lead to anxiety and depression.

Dealing With Filtered Social Media Pictures

When dealing with teenage girls, one first needs to take the social media conversation with the seriousness it deserves, without being dismissive of the girls’ experiences. After that, parents ought to encourage their teenage girls to view social in a more critical way. Put the girls to task to try and identify any possibilities of cropped or edited items from the photo posted by her friends, and why. It then triggers a broader discussion with questions arising such as; if her friends or the people they follow are the people they appear to be in real life, and whether the photo was for getting likes.

It’s imperative for parents to tell their teenage daughters that what they see on Instagram is not always what they get. It’s dangerous for teenagers to compare themselves with others on social media since those photos maybe enhanced using filters, makeup, and lighting. Most of the pictures that their peers post on Instagram in trendy outfits and breathtaking backgrounds are not always a reflection of real life. Teenagers should thus not take everything they see on social media at face value because we are in an era where editing and filtering is the norm of the day.

With the knowledge of the effects of comparison to unrealistic ideals such as poor body image, self-doubt and low self-esteem, parents should help their kids explore healthier ways of using Instagram and not being concerned with digitally manipulated images. Among the measures that teens can take to protect themselves from anxiety associated with social media is using social media for community work.

Guiding Teenage Girls About Handling Social Media Craze

It’s critical for parents to have a conversation with their teenage girls that not everything they see on social media is real. There are so many fakes.